Saturday, June 6, 2015

Starting Fresh

starting fresh

I miss blogging. It has been  so long since I updated all of my blogs and there are lots of things that happened lately. I guess, the day I quit working from my first job changes everything and I can say that 2015 is opening tons of new experiences. These new experiences overwhelm me sometimes.

Things Happened Lately
  1. Quit job for a brighter career.
  2. Moved to a new apartment in BGC.
  3. Found love unexpectedly.
  4. Had rhinoplasty surgery.
  5. Bought a puppy I named Sam.
  6. Gained new friends.
  7. New goals, aspirations and to-do in my Bucket List.
I am quite not sure if I listed all but those are the ones that really made an impact with my life lately.

I was not able to find the best internet service provider in my current location yet so I cannot promise to update this blog everyday but keep coming back for some more,okay?

I am still thinking if I will blog my rhinoplasty journey last March or should I keep things hidden? We'll know in the next blog posts. :)

Have a happy weekend!

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