Thank you so much for visiting STYLE ORIGIN and taking time to read the "about me" page where you can read something about me, the blogger behind everything you can see here.

You can call me Deej if you like. I have been blogging since 2009 on Wordpress with a tagalog blog inspired by Bob Ong's book, "ABNKKBSNPLAKO", then my hobby turned out to be somehow rewarding. Then I decided to transfer from WP to BLOGGER/ BLOGSPOT since I can 100% tweak everything when it comes to design and of course, earning capacity.

I still manage a lot of blogs. From lifestyle, men's fashion to technology blog, and I even made a blog for my pet Shih Tzu. That's how random I am as a blogger.

I am also tired of writing blog entries for the sake of writing one and earning money from it. I am sick of search engine optimization and blog rankings.

This time, I will go back to basic. To what I really love doing. I cannot promise that I can update it in a daily basis but I will do my very best to visit this from time to time. Expect quality posts as I try to make this blog informative and visually entertaining all at the same time.

If you have any comments, questions or inquiries, feel free to leave me an email at deejblogs@gmail.com