Sunday, December 20, 2015

My KARADA Experience, A Dream Come True!

karada, chiropractor philippines, bone crack taguig
It's been my dream to have an appointment with a chiropractor practitioner in the Philippines so the day that I saw KARADA in Serendra, I promised to myself that I will, one day, get a session from them. And that's what I did today! 

KARADA is the most famous Seitai Salon in Japan and it has over 150 branches. Seitai is a technique wherein it aligns the physiology of the body. It is like a chiropractic massage with a twist of their patented technique. If you are looking for a chiropractic/ bone cracking session that is 100% safe and tested, well you must visit KARADA!

NoteThis is not a sponsored post. A lot of people are asking if my posts are sponsored but the answer is a big no. I will let you know if it is paid or not and to be honest, I am just starting out so I still have lots of work to do to attract a client.
karada, chiropractor philippines, bone crack taguig
KARADA in Serendra. Their cozy reception area and friendly staff.
First thing that you will do is to drink a glass of warm water and after that, they will ask you to change clothes. Do not worry because you will be naked while you are in the session.

Good thing is that they will explain to you what is going to happen and what they are going to do with your body.
karada, chiropractor philippines, bone crack taguig
I had the Therapeutic AP & BT for 60 minutes that cost me 1,495 pesos. It is a combination of bone alignment and deep muscle massage. I enjoyed the AP session because I love it when I hear my bone cracks!

A bit of information, in AP, A stands for ATLAS that has something to do with stress, hormonal balance and eyes, neck and head while P is for pelvis that is for back/shoulder, posture, swelling, bow legged and balance.

I love it when my back bone cracks and I have this technique that I discovered ages ago where I lay on my side and kick so hard that my spine cracks insanely but I am always anxious to have my neck crack because when I was in elementary, I dared my schoolmate to have my neck crack and she did it immediately. I was traumatized by it!

So during my karada session, I was kind of anxious with the neck cracking part because I might die you know! But after some good massaging and stretching with my neck, I kind of feel more relaxed and when they crack my neck, it actually feels heavenly! It is like I want to do it again and again.

They also explained that it is not my bone cracking that I hear, those are the release of gasses stuck in my neck spine part that is causing stress and the feeling of pain sometimes tension on my neck and upper back part. It can also cause migraines.

I was also amazed by the way they aligned my pelvic because they tested my balance first by pulling me down and right at that moment, I felt like I was caught off-guard and fell instantly. But after some alignment on my pelvic bone, they did the same procedure by pulling my down, and surprisingly, I was like a bamboo tree that cannot be taken down by a storm!

After the 60-minute session, I felt lighter that ever! The feeling is way different than having a deep tissue massage.

So if you will ask me if it is worth the penny I have paid, I would say yes! And yes, I will go back for some more.

For newbies, you can try what I had, AP & BT but I think for my next visit, I will just try AP. It is cheaper and I think that's what I needed the most.

Phase No. C214, 2F
Serendra Retail,
11th Avenue Taguig City
Monday - Sunday
11 am to 10 pm
Call: (02)823-6717
* PS. Don't forget to mention this blog or my name if they ask you where you discovered KARADA so they are aware and can give you quality service.


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