Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Comeback!

Hello! I was about to write a very long post to summarize what happened in 7 months, but I am pretty sure no one will dare reading a wordy post from a not-so-consistent blogger wannabe. I know I have written a similar post about me going back to the blogging world.

Things have been really stressful since I started my new job. It is not like I am not happy with it, it is just that there are things that caught me off guard. It is really hard to explain what happened to me for the last couple of months but to sum it up, I FELL IN LOVE; but it doesn't last. MOVING ON is indeed the hardest so there you go.

One thing is for sure though, I now know that I am capable of loving someone as I love myself. I let go of the person I fell in love with 7 months ago but I am not letting go of the feeling of being in love. I am not letting go of the lessons I have learnt, takeaways and will continue to move forward.

Everything happens for a reason, I still believe and I guess it is something that I can share with you guys. Expect more entries about love just like other bloggers out there. It is something worth sharing.

So it is official. I am back in blogging!

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