Friday, February 27, 2015

Running Some Errands

So right now, I am staying here in Cavite at my cousin's place because my work will start not until the 23rd of March. I resigned from my previous job, December of last year so I have been bummed since like forever!

Anyway, the offer on my second job is more awesome than the previous one so I think, it is definitely worth the wait. 

I was just browsing my phone's gallery when I saw bunch of photos way way back when I visited Zambales for the holiday season.
This is something I always wear every time I go to the supermarket doing some weekly errands especially that the weather in the province is always hot & humid even on Christmas season.

1. Brazil Cup from Belgium
2. Cotton Long Sleeve from the Thrift
3. Summer short from Penshoppe
4. Brown Shoes from Champion

Nothing is really special about it. When it comes to fashion, it is definitely okay to mix & match and be adventurous sometimes as long as you are comfortable with what you wear.

If the weather is extremely hot, it is not okay to wear varsity jackets. I mentioned that because I have been seeing a lot of guys who wear jackets under the scorching heat of the sun. 

PS. I wore a long sleeve because it is humid but windy at the same time. And also, not a fan of cups but I wear them now specially if I am not in the mood fixing my hair.

So how about you? What is a big NO NO when it comes to fashion?

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